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Film Review - Edward Scissor Hands

Edward Scissorhands (1990) is one of Tim Burton's important films because it defines Tim Burton's style really well. His style is always joined with the movie characters. These characters do not follow the "society rules". Burton's characters play the role of movie monsters. Burton, himself, said: "I practically grew up fed by those monster films and now I realize the movies I do , basically , tell the same stories and use similar characters , although they have a different appearance. "

The film begins with an elderly woman telling her granddaughter the story of Edward Scissorhands at  Christmas overnight .  Edward Scissorhands (played by Johnny Depp) is a boy created by an inventor who died before finishing him. That's why he has scissors instead of hands.  Isolated from the world for years and with a kind of sinister look , the young man discovers true love when a woman takes care of him. At first everyone accepts him . Edward falls in love with the daughter of the woman that takes care of him. But after a series of unfortunate events , the neighbours decide that Edward is dangerous  for the community, so he is forced to go back to his isolated house.

Edward is a clear image of adolescence as that time of painful isolation and loneliness, and scissors can be understood as the inability of a boy to give unconditional love without harming the people he loves. But also the character of Edward brings together two opposing worlds. There is the city and its inhabitants who are all the same and do always the same things and they reject the different things and  Edward is the different one.

Some other important characteristics are the desing production and how the actors were perfect for each movie character. But also, the soundtrack is great as it creates a connection between Edward and the viewers.

In conclusion, Edward Sccissorhands was a risk and a personal project that made Burton's artistic career even more amazing.

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