Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Digital painting - Still life sketches

Here there are the first digital sketches I have ever done with a graphic tablet by using Photoshop. I have always used Photoshop to combine images but not to draw fruit. Despite not being proud of myself in this sketches, I like digital painting. I know I have a lot of room for improvement. The first one it's a black and white painting, while the other is a colour painting.
Well, this are my two quick fruit sketches:


  1. Hey Almu - good to see these up tonight. 3 things: 1) always remember to actually title your blog posts, as this shows up as 'Untitled' 2) remember to label your posts, so this should be labeled 'digital painting' and 'Photoshop' etc - labelling your posts makes organising your blog much easier as things become more complex and 3) your blog template needs your name, the course title BA Hons Computer Animation Arts and 'UCA Rochester'.

  2. Hi Phil! Yeah I'm right know doing it. Thanks for comment!