Friday, 23 March 2018

Toolkit 2 | Progress Report

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  1. Character Design Feedback

    Looking at your character design bible its clear many elements required for this project have been undeveloped or just missing, which is frustrating because I think your fireman character is engaging. However the expression sheets are somewhat limiting and without gesture sheets, it is difficult to imagine what this character is doing in the narrative. Is he going to be putting out a fire, or using his strength to rescue another toy etc. Even small touches like thinking about fig he is brand new toy (shiny metal/plastic) or rusting or damaged would add to the non-existent narrative.

    The environments are functional in that they set the scene, but don’t add any real narrative or atmosphere. Is the central character comfortable or threatened? If he is striking a dramatic pose, that could have been emphasised by dramatic lighting, or perhaps looking down upon the city below etc. The storyboard feels like an afterthought so doesn’t help with the lack of narrative.

    Looking at the project overall, it is disappointing to see so many of the elements missing, and you should think about working on this further. I think it would help you to get a much better sense of the narrative. What is the hero doing? How do they feel? Are you trying to evoke any particular emotion? Does the scene need urgency or drama? At the moment the result is somewhat mystifying for the audience (i.e. a potential client). - JW