Wednesday, 25 November 2015

@Phil WIM - OGR Part 2

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  1. OGR 25/11/2015

    Hey Almu :)

    I really like your orthographic drawings - they're clean, precise and communicate very well. Your concept painting is very green, and it just means that nothing in your world feels very distinct. The floor, sky, and buildings all look to be the same, and it would be good to think a bit more about the materiality of your buildings in relationship to the space they're in: I think you're looking at putting them into some kind of rainforest environment or very natural space? In terms of refinements, I'd suggest thinking about the smaller architectural details that might ensure we read your structures as 'buildings' as opposed to simply 'big sculptures'. Think about windows, doorways, lighting - and think too about the floor plane - how the buildings meet the ground; is there landscaping of some kind, paving etc? I know you've got an overgrown natural space, but I think you need a few more distinctive features to help us read the scale of your world. If you look at Deanna's progress on her concept art, you'll see how the issue of 'scale' has been a challenge - how to make these more abstract buildings read as 'buildings'.

    It does seem as if your scene lacks a strong focal point; I don't quite know what the most distant object is in the middle of the composition, but unfortunately it is not as striking or as interesting at the buildings closer to us. Right now, your composition is forcing us to look past all the interesting buildings and focus on something a long way off in the distance. Maybe think about another composition in which we're encouraged to look at your buildings instead?

    Finally - I suggest you make your matte painting work a bit harder - matte paintings are used to extend the world, and yours is just a big green 'wall' - how about giving us a better impression of the scale of this city of yours - and use the matte painting to continue the world off into the distance...