Saturday, 17 October 2015


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  1. OGR 18/10/2015

    Hey Almu,

    There isn't much time, so I'm not going to give you loads and loads of feedback, just a single idea that might lend some further ideas to your understanding of Diomira: I'm also going to link you to another student's Diomira OGR feedback, because it will help me make my point:

    So go here and have a read:

    My basic point is that in the description of Diomira, statues of 'Gods' are mentioned, but the precise origination of those gods isn't expressed; therefore, if you were to give some thought to the belief system implied by those statues, then your design influences could come very clearly into focus: for example, if you were to look at Hinduism as the source of all those Gods, then suddenly the architecture, colour palettes, materiality and textures become available to you in terms of influences. The 'problem' with Diomira is that it's almost 'generic' in terms of its sense of romanticised cities, and you need to find a hook or concept by which to approach the task with originality and imagination.