Thursday, 3 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage - OGR #1

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  1. OGR 05/03/2016

    Hey Almu,

    I like your various influences and the way they emphasise a simple, 'flat' style - and I like very much some of your environment thumbnails - I like the strong compositions and simple shapes. Obviously, when you're dealing with white blood cells and bacteria etc it's hard to avoid developing 'blobs with faces' that don't in someway resemble what we've seen before. Your job therefore is to design very characterful 'blobs with faces' - it might help to look at toy design too:

    One of the big challenges of this project is how to get the information out to your audiences - either through a voice-over maybe, or through text elements on screen; hopefully you've seen this example already:

    Notice how the action stops to introduce us to the various elements of the immune system - with the text being designed as part of the audience's experience of the animation. This is so important - finding a creative and integrated way to get any text information on screen - so that it doesn't feel like an afterthought.

    In terms of dealing with facial animation for your characters, previous students have come up with ingenious ways of making it happen: look at this example, where Flash-made facial animation was composited onto the Maya models:

    So, in summary, I like the simple approach to animation, but because of this, you'll need to really think about how you might design some memorable 'blobs'! Think too about the role and function and execution of any text elements in your animation - how will your audience receive the technical information required to understand the immune system? Think also about your strategy towards animating your characters - particularly if they have expressive faces! Finally, just in terms of ensuring your working with bold, successful colour schemes, take a look at this online Colour Scheme Designer; it can really boost your confidence in terms of putting colour schemes together: