Wednesday, 13 April 2016

@Jordan Fantastic Voyage - 'Art Of' (in progress)

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  1. Hi Almudena,

    What a great start. I love the title pages with simple colour choices and stamped imagery. More of this throughout would be a good thing. It all sets the tone very nicely. I also really love the pages and pages of thumbnails. Although I think you could perhaps add some colour to these pages. Maybe just coloured line art to make the drawings pop a little more.

    Here's an example from a previous student (Bharathi) which may give you some inspiration for presenting sketches -

    Beyond this, I think a bit more text could help to give context to certain pages. For example, the concept art pages look good, but we aren't told what exactly they are for. Just a simple page to explain what this section is for would help.

    I would also suggest looking at alternatives for the font you use in your main blocks of text. It looks to me like Comic Sans. Which is a fine choice for an animation that is aimed at children. But it is a font that people really hate, so maybe something similar, that feels childish and exciting, but has less history to it.

    Here are some more art books for inspiration -

    Lots of exciting things here Almudena, so keep it up!