Friday, 22 January 2016

From Script to Screen - Initial Ideas

After looking at my word maps I finally come up with some ideas. Talking about the tooth fairy, in Spain we have something similar. Instead of a tooth fairy, we have a little mouse called Pérez. So, as my story’s environment is a Zoo, I have been thinking about the idea of doing a mixture between the tooth fairy and the mouse Pérez. Here are some different versions about it:

1.)          A boy who has no friends and is always writing in his dairy. He lives next to the zoo. He loves the animals but he doesn’t have pets. He imagines stories that could happen in the zoo. One day he imagines a story in which a little mouse has an important mission: get a lion’s tooth.

2.)         A little mouse has to go to the zoo because he has an important mission: get a lion´s tooth. But getting a lion’s tooth is quite difficult so he gets in trouble but he gets the tooth too. Finally, this story is just another page that a little boy writes in his dairy.

3.)         A little mouse whose mission is going to the Zoo to get a lion’s tooth. He writes all his adventures in his dairy. Finally he appears being older and reading his dairy to his children

4.)         Some time ago a little boy found a diary and he decided to have a look at one story each night. This is tonight’s story. A small tooth fairy mouse is in front of a zoo. Although she is the best tooth fairy, she is still nervous. She has to get a lion’s tooth and get out of there alive. She opens her diary; she has the zoo’s map there. She has to get into the zoo, go to the crocodiles’ pit, cross it, get into the rhinos’ pit, cross it again, get into the lion’s pit, take the tooth, and run out of there being careful that the owl is not going to kill her. It’s not easy. Never mind, that little fairy tooth mouse knows how to do magic. Mission achieved. This story ends with the little boy getting the map, putting it into the diary, and going to sleep. He will look at another story tomorrow. 

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