Friday, 22 January 2016

From Script to Screen - Story explanation

After writing some different stories that didn't convince me (maybe because I was only focused on the tooth fairy and the zoo), I started thinking more about the diary which is the prop I got out of the blue box.

Well, in that process of creating this story, I was kind of playing with the diary being opened and closed to explain when the story starts and ends. I know it's not an original resource but as it's a short animation it can be great. Then, in  act 1, the first character that appears is a kid because the tooth fairy is for kids.

My main problem in writing this story was connecting a diary, a zoo and a story for kids. As in the zoo residents are animals, I remembered a Spanish story. In Spain, instead of a tooth fairy, we have a little mouse called El Ratontito Perez. This little mouse is basically a tooth fairy, I mean it has the same functions. So in my story, the tooth fairy is transformed into a little mouse in order not to be discovered in case she is caught. At this point I came up with the idea of an avatar, a kind of character created by the mouse. All mice have their own avatar.

So, I had to connect the mouse (an animal) with the zoo, which is quite easy. About this I had two ideas:
1) The zoo is the mouse's house.
2) The mouse goes to the zoo to help other animals.

Finally I thought about the teeth, how can I join the teeth with this story? Well, my idea comes from the human creation in the Bible. One person was created from another person’s rib (a bone). So, in that fairy tale world I have created, animals can be created from a human tooth.

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