Friday, 22 January 2016

From Script to Screen - Online Greenlight Review 1

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  1. OGR 23/01/2016

    Hey Almu,

    My first impression of your premise is that there's too much transformation in it, in so much as the tooth fairy is already a lovely thing, and turning him/her into a mouse feels like a complication for the audience.

    When I thought about your components, I thought about all the animals in a zoo that have lots and lots of teeth - lions, tigers, crocodiles etc - it would be much more dangerous for tooth fairies to go an collect the teeth of these animals - much more risky than collecting the teeth of people! What's nice about this idea is simply that it reveals another side of something that we think we know; tooth fairies must take all kinds of teeth, and this probably makes problems for a tooth fairy! The diary is a nice fit too, because you could use it to structure your story - "A Day In A Life Of The Tooth Fairy' - so, it could begin with the diary, that opens up and we see the first entry: "Back to the zoo again this morning... Crocodile had lost it's tooth! Nightmare!" and then your story shows us what happened etc...

    My point about the tooth fairy turning into a mouse etc. seems to lose from your story the simple fun of the tooth fairy character. The question 'What happens to all the teeth' is interesting however, but maybe you could answer that question anyway?

    The diary of the Tooth Fairy could be about the tooth fairy's first week on the job, so when everything is new and challenging - particularly if you've got the 'Zoo Shift'! :)